Embracing Yourself!

It often surprises me that despite going through such difficult times, there is a serious lack of empathy in our society. Despite living in such a globalized world where everyone is different, we are unable to accept these differences and live together. It is a pity that we are constantly looking for uniformity and, in … Continue reading Embracing Yourself!

Doing Out of Fear or Love

  This quarantine had me thinking in dubious ways. Many such thoughts settle into a corner of my brain and keep peaking at me unconsciously and some of these thoughts are forced back to the surface as I find myself acting a certain way. Finally, recently I was doing one of those psychometric tests for … Continue reading Doing Out of Fear or Love

The Whole Story or Just An Anecdote

Are the whole story or just an anecdote of the whole story? It is important to know. In your life, the day you realized where you stand in someone‚Äôs life, with yourself and in this world, life becomes peaceful. I find the real problem is always misunderstanding how much someone matters and how much you … Continue reading The Whole Story or Just An Anecdote